Since its discovery, photography has democratized art and the craft of image making. Whether it be environmental portraiture or capturing a vast Western landscape, there is a universal desire to record fleeting yet significant moments in life. The camera removes some of the hurdles of more classic art practices. But as a tool for the creative process, there still is a learning curve in photography.

I fell in love with the camera at an early age. In addition for my love of photography, I have developed a passion to help others build a foundation in photography and to provide them the knowledge to go out and create.

I offer individual and small group photography workshops modeled after an introductory Digital Photography I have been teaching for over 10 years (approx.1,400 students) at Montana State University.*

Instruction includes hands on learning of camera controls while exploring the visual literacy of photographic image making. Each will involve 50/50 classroom/in field instruction and hands on learning in the field. Instruction can fit into a one-day (6 to 8 hour) format or a week long model (4-5 days , 4-8 hours each day). The week long format could include a “day-long field trip”.

Workshop themes:
How to “see” light
How the camera interprets a scene
How to control focus, exposure, white balance
How to take creative pictures of people, macro, landscapes and more…
How to stop – or blur – action and movement
How to master depth of field
How and when to control ISO and other manual settings.

Courses and Topics:
The Art of Landscape Photography
Environmental Portrait and Still life
An introduction to Digital Photography
Fundamentals of Photographic Image making
Digital Photography for Educators/Professionals/Youth/Adults…
The Art of Landscape
Sports and Journalism
Long exposure and Low Light

Who is the target audience?  
Courses can easily be tailored for all demographics; educators, working professionals, youth groups, adult organizations and clubs…

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*Workshops are not affiliated with Montana State University and are offered independently by Jonathan Long.